Video commerce at it’s interactive best

Combining video with product information is often regarded as the e-commerce holy grail for it’s positive impact on conversion rates and how it improves the whole online shopping experience. It provides the shopper with the closest experience online to the one that they would experience in-store. A variety of formats are used across the web from the resident expert walking you through the benefits of a particular product through to a slide show of static product images with a simple voice over.

There are some simply stunning examples of video commerce. When a business is lucky enough to be given a generous budget to hire directors, cutting edge digital equipment, source an amazing location and have all the other vital ingredients that make a video engaging – the results are typically amazing. Even without the huge budgets, effective video commerce is now achievable. The video itself is a vital component, but equally the user interface it is housed in is also key. Below I’ve found 3 of, what I deem to be the best video commerce user interfaces and explain the reasons why I feel they are so effective.

Marks & Spencer TV

Balance – the main focus is the wonderfully shot video, but equally impressive is the well though out inclusion of products featured within the video to the right and the simple, but effective player interface.

Choice – M&S TV offers a range of videos that browsers can easily navigate through with simple navigation.

The Tease – Each video uses a carefully selected shot from the film to draw your eye to it and also the length of the video is prominently shown.

Production – M&S have worked with Adjust Your Set. Having spent sometime with these guys, they knowledge of video commerce is astounding. Simon Wood from M&S Direct clearly agrees:

Through their deep understanding of video, the team at Adjust Your Set have enabled us to better showcase our product innovations and provide expert advice through M&S TV. As a result we have seen customers come back more often, stay longer when they do and add significantly more product to their basket.

Link me up: Marks & Spencer TV


Length – Rarely more than 30 seconds long the videos on across the ASOS site really do advocate the advice of keeping things simple.

Prominence – Two things stand out on every ASOS product page: 1) The product (expertly shot photography) and perfect video 2) The call to action ‘ADD TO BAG’. I would imagine their video views to page views ratio is very high as a result of this effective design direction.

Style – A simple logo, good lighting and perfect exposure mean the video style mirrors the ASOS site as a whole and is wonderfully effective at presenting the product you are interested in perfectly.

Link me up: ASOS Randomly Selected Product (with Catwalk video)


Killer combination – Mixing the time sensitive exclusive nature of Groupon with the power of QVC style TV shopping leaves US start-up JOYUS in a great place to grow quickly and effectively.

Shopability – Great combination of prominent video, integrated e-commerce Shop Now links and direct links to the products featured. The addition of a number of tips to finish each page is great added value to the online shopper visiting the site.

Money & Google – Having just secured $7.9 million in it’s last funding round and being headed up by former Google executive Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, the company has the pockets and knowledge to really disrupt traditional TV shopping and drive high levels of conversion for the brands it partners with.

Link me up: JOYUS Product Video example

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