4 Key trends from Internet Retailing 2012

A truly great conference leaves you with some clear themes to go away with and contemplate. Internet Retailing 2012 left me with 4 themes that may well define 2013 for a lot of retailers. Interestingly mobile wasn’t one of them, but that’s simply because it’s now integrated into everything, not something new and shiny.

Here are the 4 themes with quotes and tweets that support their importance:

Big Data

“Big data and digital will be the catalyst for the next step change in retail”
– Alison Lancaster, Kiddicare/Morrisons

“Segmentation, personalisation and offering our customers unconditional love are the key reasons behind our success”
– Jarno Vanhatapio, Nelly.com

Retail Interactivity

Brick and mortar stores are on the way to becoming interactive spots with expanded commercial reach & better customer service @businessquests

Retailers like Tesco see free in store wi-fi as the glue to bring together their online and offline channels @simonlilly

Customer Experience & Technology

“A Schuh store aims to ’enable + fulfill + connect’. Shops need to remain practical so what is needed is customer centric stores”
– Sean McKee, Schuh

“Retailers should use the consumer’s technology, whatever it is, to give them the shopping experience they want”
– Sean McKee, Schuh

“Technology is a real feature in-store and is a great enabler for the customer experience”
– Alison Lancaster, Kiddicare/Morrisons

Buy & Collect

“Pick up in store is the key to winning the war verses the pure plays”
– Andy Harding, House of Fraser

“Retailers need to prepare for a wall-less omnichannel retail world”
– Alison Lancaster, Kiddicare/Morrisons

The quotes and trends above are a combination of notes taken on the day and tweets sent by the following people: @StiboSystemsUK, @JudithDoherty, @EMMSmartCookies, @siobhanmcmullan, @EdLuff

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